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Oily coffee implies beans that are overroasted and brewed strong.

On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 8:19 AM, Marc Aramini <marcaramini at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yeah it is definitely that kind of metaphor,  but there are still things
> like the breakfast and coffee  tasting like oil, the twelve types of dead,
> the shifting pillars, the difference betwen reflections and mirrors and
> other perceptions, the cop with his blood and urine catheter connections to
> his car that hint that maybe it is more than just an indeterminate dream
> fantasy metaphor with no scientific or "logical" explanation.
> The problem is figuring what oily coffee implies heh heh.
> On Monday, May 5, 2014, Gerry Quinn <gerry at bindweed.com> wrote:
>> From: Marc Aramini
>> [Forleson]
>> > Anyway, Borski's idea that everything is a computer simulation and that
>> the no yes
>> > no yes yes no yes yes is binary at the end hasn't quite convinced me,
>> though I will
>> > confront it.
>> That’s an interesting idea, but I’m still inclined to think of Forleson
>> as metaphor for an ordinary working life (and a cynical take on middle
>> management) rather than true SF.
>> - Gerry Quinn
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