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Fernando Gouvea fqgouvea at colby.edu
Mon Mar 17 13:05:06 PDT 2014

It's not really a collection of stories, but rather of characters. Of
course, in many cases describing a character makes for a mini-story.

It exists in two versions. The original edition was an impossibly expensive
fine press book from Cheap Street press. The copy I have is a paperback
reprint thar came out many years later. Copies of that one shouldn't be too

Worth having? I think so, but certainly not the main event.


PS: at the very first Readercon I had a chance to buy the Cheap Street
version for less than $200 at an auction and chickened out. Advice to young
self: you'll regret not spending that money!

On Monday, March 17, 2014, Antonin Scriabin <kierkegaurdian at gmail.com>

> Anyone here read it?  It seems hard to find / expensive.  Is it a
> collection of short stories generally not available elsewhere?  Thanks!

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