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Antonin Scriabin kierkegaurdian at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 06:26:04 PDT 2014

Hello, Urthlings. What are you reading these days?  I haven't been reading
much Wolfe lately, so nothing is fresh enough in my mind to participate in
some of the other ongoing discussions.

I am working my way through the Harvard Classics.  I just finished the
fourth volume, the complete poems in English by John Milton.  *Paradise
Lost *was a treat, as was Franklin's autobiography in the first volume and
the *New Atlantis *by Bacon in the third, which is an old favorite of mine
from my philosophy major days.

I've also recently read *The Sea, the Sea *by Iris Murdoch, which was
excellent, and *The City of Dreaming Books *by Moers, which was great,
silly fun*.*  I also read the first 50 pages of *Lookout Cartridge* by
McElroy and decided to put it back on the shelf for the time being.  It
wasn't particularly *bad, *it was just entirely unsuccessful in grabbing my
attention within a reasonable amount of time, together with being written
in a very disjointed, unique style.  I will probably get back to it in the
near future.

Anyway, I am getting back on a Wolfe kick today by finishing the latter
half of *The Island of Doctor Death, and Other Stories, and Other Stories*.
Looking forward to it!
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