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If it's Wolfean, then Wolfe is Lovecraftian and--more to the core--Poesian,
as this was definitely one of Eich-Pee-El's pieces most inspired by E.A.

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> Hi.
> For some reason, I'd never read this short piece. Now I'm trying to fill
> the blanks in some authors, I've come across it:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Outsider_(short_story)
> http://www.hplovecraft.com/writings/texts/fiction/o.aspx
> And you know what? The language rings very Wolfean. At first sight, it's a
> lame gothic tale. And there's really nothing hidden below that. But it can
> also be a lot of things if you want to read them into it.
> What I find interesting is that not only it could have been written by
> Severian, up to the last word, some imagery is very evocative. And then the
> words themselves. I'd have a very hard time believing the corpses that
> *strewed* Severian's battlefield came from anywhere else, even if the image
> is different, but what got me wondering was if, with such gleaning going
> on, the name 'Outsider' has got some connection with this story too. Yes,
> at first sight there's no relationship to be found.
> I couldn't find any discussion of this story in connection to Wolfe -
> after all, why should there be?. Do you know of any? All I could find were
> analyses of 'An Evil Guest', which I have yet to read.
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