(urth) Short Story 71: Silhouette

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Tue Jul 29 12:59:46 PDT 2014

Yes I realized grit went to bring the escape pod to the hydroponic module,
but it isn't clear if she is in it at the end.

Do time quanta exist?  Light certainly emits photons, and the history of
black body radiation made me wonder if the shadow and Algol were being
brought into this discussion of time and velocity thematically.  Perhaps in
a pseudoscientific and impossible reversal, when the shadow is seen it must
emit a wavelength at the speed of light, because the observer sees it.  At
those speeds it cannot act inside time. when unseen, sublight speed quanta
can be emitted in time to allow communication, but that's all pseudoscience
trying to explain why they can't talk when seen, and assuming that
observation actually prompts a waveform emission at the speed of light
rather than simply existing In the first place (almost like the observer
fixes them in place). The Gorgon's head of Algol might be just as useful an

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> On 29/07/2014 07:25, Marc Aramini wrote:
>> As I said, if there is any physicist who can help with the time quanta
>> paragraph, that would be great.  It seems that the overmonitor is saying
>> existence is dependent on the  emission of time quanta, and as such that
>> discontinuous but "real" existence can spring up wherever the wave function
>> of a body travels as long as a time quanta is emitted at that point.  Right?
> My impression is that Wolfe is just putting in a bit of sciency
> justification for teleportation.
> > On looking at Grit's disappearance again, it seems that she actually has
> gone
> >  to get the escape tender and bring it to the hydroponic jungle for the
> Captain
> >  and Johann so that the overmonitor cannot stop their escape.  However,
> >  there is no mention of her in the escape pod when they open it, and
> this is a
> >  bit disorienting.  Is she there at all when it is jettisoned?
> She teleported away (with the help of her shadow, obviously) as they were
> walking to the escape pod.  Only Johann and Gerta noticed. They send the
> Captain and Elis off to NeuerDraht; presumably Grit is somewhere on the
> ship, or on the planet but with the ability to teleport back.
> - Gerry Quinn
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