(urth) May 2014 Wolfe interview in _Technology Review_

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Mon Jul 28 08:29:00 PDT 2014

Fernando said:

It's a very interesting interview, much less cagey than usual for Wolfe.
The straightforward "He's a ghost" about Weer, and even more the statement
that Marsch "knows he's not a real Earthman, but he's trying to talk
himself into believing that he is".


It is a nice interview but the beginning touches on tragic, as well as his
doubts that he will be remembered.

Of course he still hasn't said that pretty much everyone but cloned number
5 is an abo, ("someday they (the Abos who pretend to be humans) will want
us (real humans to copy)" and that Marsch is a different kind of imitator,
a shadow child infection via cat bite incarcerated by Abos who believe they
are human, too. Ironically the interviewer fails to differentiate between
shadow children and Abos, allowing Wolfe to answer the question fairly
honestly if he ignores the VRT portion. (The useless hand of the Abos is
port mimizon, with its fingers and thumb and no new buildings in 140 years.)

So even straightforward Wolfe isn't really that straightforward.
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