(urth) Memento Mori

Gerry Quinn gerry at bindweed.com
Mon Jul 14 04:01:39 PDT 2014

On 14/07/2014 06:25, Charles Gillingham wrote:
> I'm not a regular contributor here, I've made one post. But I would 
> like to be a full contributor. I understand how the subject of this 
> post is inappropriate, and for the most part everyone here has been 
> for quite some time, and understand each others sensitivities.
> I'm very offended by this post, concerned with Wolfe's age and/or 
> health. And starting off with "get autographs while you can" is 
> absurd. Anyone that reads Wolfe knows it was a changing point in their 
> life. Lets show more respect for Wolfe, who's changed each of our 
> lives so much. Whether or not he reads this list doesn't matter.
> Certainly, we should be mature about the realities of mortality. 
> Wolfe's life is his own, and that of his God. We profit off his work, 
> not his personal life. I wish he has a long and healthy. But for his 
> own enjoyment, not so I can get an autograph or send fan mail.
> If I interpreted the meaning or tone of the first post I'm sorry. 
> Either way, should we really use this list to gossip about Wolfe?

Everybody on the list is interested in discussing the work, and many are 
fans as well.  Perhaps this thread is a case of well-intended 
fannishness overstepping the mark - it will happen now and again 
anywhere there are fans.  I guess a 'slow down' reminder does no harm, 
but I am also certain all the intentions involved were good.

Sometimes elements of an author's life will be relevant to the work 
(here one must decide how personal and how relevant the individual 
matters are, and not everyone will come to the same decision every 
time), but you are quite right in that this is not such a case,

- Gerry Quinn

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