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With that subject line in my mind's eye before coffee, I was suddenly
envisioning the world's strangest game of "Clue"...

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> The cinderella story is replayed a bit with Mrs. Mason and her daughters
> treating Doris so terribly that she ultimately electrocutes herself in the
> carnival. Some effort has been expended on who Mr. Mason might be, but I
> feel like in this case the name is a direct transposition from the fairy
> tale story, in which Lady Tremain is the mother, Tremain meaning "from the
> stone house" or from the big city, certainly related to a mason. The timing
> of that event is difficult to make Doris Weer's daughter with Sherry Gold-
> if they had a child it should only be five to at most ten then. One other
> time slip involves Weer telling the librarian that the farm she is seeking
> was built by the Porters thirty years ago as he saw when Peacock took his
> aunt on expeditions - it seems those expeditions should have stopped by the
> time he was fifteen years old, but that matches the age that Blaine
> remembers for "jimmy" weer when "roscoe" mcafee got the egg from Olivia,
> when in Weer's memory he was n
>  ine at that event.
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