(urth) Mrs. Mason in the carnival in Peace

Marc Aramini marcaramini at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 3 06:44:54 PST 2014

The cinderella story is replayed a bit with Mrs. Mason and her daughters treating Doris so terribly that she ultimately electrocutes herself in the carnival. Some effort has been expended on who Mr. Mason might be, but I feel like in this case the name is a direct transposition from the fairy tale story, in which Lady Tremain is the mother, Tremain meaning "from the stone house" or from the big city, certainly related to a mason. The timing of that event is difficult to make Doris Weer's daughter with Sherry Gold- if they had a child it should only be five to at most ten then. One other time slip involves Weer telling the librarian that the farm she is seeking was built by the Porters thirty years ago as he saw when Peacock took his aunt on expeditions - it seems those expeditions should have stopped by the time he was fifteen years old, but that matches the age that Blaine remembers for "jimmy" weer when "roscoe" mcafee got the egg from Olivia, when in Weer's memory he was nine at that event. 

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