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I think I will repost that later tonight - I don't think it is still up on the internet.  I should revise it but too many other things going on right now - maybe someday.  I would add what I think happens to Auk and Chenille near Dorp of course (ghost of Auk, grieving drunken Chenille bitten by Jahlee who is then mistaken for Chenille by Silk, and the ring brought by Oreb the same ring on Horn's corpse on Green - the lander Silk leaves in is the one fixed by Auk to return to Blue --- all of this off screen, and the temporal disjunction of astral travel need not make the textual visits contiguous with the main narrative on Blue - Silk never leaving his friends in the basement but returning for them later/earlier)

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WRT you question about whether there's a compilation of the theories -- not as such. But it would be worth reading Michael Andre-Driussi's books on the subject, which are more lexicons with occasional theorizing, because they help put everything into perspective of everything else. 

You might also read Marc Aramini's essay which goes into a great deal of detail on the Green-is-Urth theory.
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