(urth) short story 59: Melting

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On Thu, April 24, 2014 19:30, Marc Aramini wrote:
> His final oath by "lord Harry" (the devil) and the name John Edwards and
> the sinners in the hands of an angry god connection, though, makes me
> think those final words are more like an irate deity whose thoughts are
> reality as in Dante's model of creation, stricken with an arbitrary
> weariness of holding the man as "real" in his thoughts any longer.

Yes, there is that approach ( I need to repost something of that nature here)
where "God's creature"  as Edwards calls Creation has no independent
existence any more than the image of my words can be independent of the
monitor you read them on.  In this case, the Trinity can be considered the
atmans underlying created entities (and the Godhead the layer below them,

Perhaps "Lord Harry" is the hairy-armed man himself, and gives up the
ghost after his time bedeviling the human race is complete represented by
the union of all time and space. The trials of humanity thru the ages are
complete and the tiresome Satan guise is dropped; the end of trials also
mean the end of interesting opportunities for moral growth, and the static
nature is also boring to the Creator.

This final dissolution of mortal identities would dovetail nicely with the
favored outcome of Buddhism as I understand it; individuals become
enlightened dispelling the illusory "self" as their fundamentally
connected nature emerges, leaving only "the" atman behind.

It would then be an early example of GW's principle that false religions
ultimstely lead  to true.

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