(urth) Tree-Gods and The Ring of Glass

Lee Berman severiansola at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 9 20:37:28 PDT 2013

>Brian: So what was the ring of glass that Horn, Seawrack, 
>and Babbie found on the herbal island?

Good questions Brian. I am interested in how others will 
answer (and I must admit Marc's responses here are bit over 
my head).

By mentioning "Tree gods" it seems a recognition that this
ring has similar properties to the Sacred Windows on the 
Whorl which allow humans to view the gods of the Mainframe
(and allow the gods to possess humans).

>And what's under the ocean?

I think the remnants of the Neighbors' civilization, as
the Commonwealth could be found under the oceans of Ushas.

>...and why does Seawrack act startled at the mention of blood

I think Marc's answer has good significance and validity. I'd
maybe want to add that Seawrack being started at the mention of
Blood might be related to her spiritual connection to Hyacinth. 

The overwhelming lust found between Silk and Hyacinth is parallel
to that between Horn and Seawrack, I think, (and Kypris and Typhon/Pas,
of course). And we know about the relationship between Hyacinth and
the character named Blood. So maybe it is related to that. 		 	   		  

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