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Mechanism is missing.  I was looking for a way that different time could pass between rigoglio leaving urth and showing up midstream at sev's time, but it wasnt there because wolfe pulled the bait and switch.  Blue is colder than Urth.  Green is hotter.  When silk shows up on urth, he was imagining a time before green's corruption; that is the mechanism.  The city of the inhumi is Nessus.  The planets have been switched just like our narrators: we think silk is missing but he is there all along; it is horn we should be looking for.  Wolfe meant to obfuscate who, what, when, why, and where.  

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> Just finished Book of the Short Sun recently, for the first time so I'm pretty sure you've already discussed this until death & beyond, but I was struck by the idea that Green isn't Urth - Green is Lune, Blue is Urth, after the flood in Urth of the New Sun. That is, Typhon-Pas (funny how a mythological chaos dragon changed his name to "Peace") somehow sent the Whorl beyond Severian's re-creation/eschaton/whatever. How? I have no idea. How does that account for the Neighbours & the inhumi? I have even less of an idea. There are probably three-hundred reasons in the texts why this doesn't make sense, and I'm eager to hear about them. But the pairing of a blue planet (Earth is blue. Urth is/was/will (not) be blue) and the green neighbour ... well I don't know. It looks good to me.
> Here's for a Gene Wolfe/Urth list newbie making his first post around here (have only read BotNS thrice yet, mind you).
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