(urth) Short Sun notes: Remora.

Andrew Mason andrew.mason53 at googlemail.com
Sun Oct 6 14:54:33 PDT 2013

Lee Berman wrote:

> I think we are supposed to get the sense that Neighbors are a higher order
> of being
> than humans. And Inhumi, despite their cunning, are a lower order. So
> perhaps a
> combination of the two is a good blend to walk among the middle ground of
> humanity.

The iNeighbours whom Horn/the Rajan meets certainly seem to be higher than
humans, but we should remember that they thought that humans would be
better able to cope with the inhumi threat than they did, so it may be that
it's just a matter of who we see. (They may have been wrong about that, of
course: It's likely that they were influenced by the example of Quetzal,
and it's possible that he isn't a typical inhumu because his source -
perhaps Pike - isn't a typical human.)

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