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Tue Oct 8 15:04:38 PDT 2013

Marc Aramini wrote:

> The tree of quetzal is not a neighbor but probably a vanished god, as are
> the cannibal trees on green and the giant "herbs" that make up the islands
> on blue.

OK, that makes more sense. I'm sure some people have claimed that trees are
Neighbours, but I have never found it convincing. trees as Vanished Gods is
much more plausible - at least one tree seems to be a god (the one the
Rajan meets at the end of OBW), so it's quite believable that others are as
well. (I don't think every god is a tree, though - the Mother doesn't seem
to be. I'm also doubtful that all the islands are made up of herbs - Horn
finds some which are, but they then break up in a storm.)

 Lee Berman wrote:

> 1. In their experience with humans, wouldn't the Neighbors more likely to
> find Horn as
> a typical representation of the species than Silk? And while Silk was
> surely kind and
> gentle, he clearly had the capacity for violence and destruction when he
> felt the need.

My understanding is that the Neighbours' judgement of humans is based
primarily on their experience of humanoid inhumi - so on Quetzal, among
others. I think Quetzal is by and large a noble character, despite his need
to drink blood; even if at the end he is sacrificing the humans (and it's
not clear to me he is doing exactly that) he is sacrificing them for the
benefit of his people, not for a purely selfish end.

Antonio Pedro Marquez wrote:

> Note: It's inhumu (m), inhuma (f), inhumi (p), maybe ?inhumae (fp)

According to the Rajan at the end of RTTW:

'I have been on friendly terms with three, however. No, four... With two
inhumus, Your Cognizance, and two inhumas.' 'Inhumi' is the generic plural when
gender is not specified. I'm fairly sure that 'an inhumi' occurs in at
least one place as well.

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