(urth) Blue, Green, Urth, and the Ring of Glass‏

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Fri Oct 11 04:19:20 PDT 2013

FWIW, here is an excerpt from the interview- Some Moments With the Magus:..
with Nick Gevers, Michael Andre-Driussi and James Jordan.

>JJ: Aww, why not? I might as well at least ask one of the $64,000 questions, so I'll 
>just go for broke. (Hmm. I've gotta be very precise here. Okay, here goes:) Which of 
>the following, if any, are physically (not in some merely literary or symbolic sense) 
>the same planets as Blue and Green, in the same order?:

>Ushas and Lune
>Urth and Lune
>Lune and Ushas
>Lune and Urth
>Two Urths
>Two Ushases
>Two Lunes

>GW: None.

A good interview, definitely worth reading- http://www.infinityplus.co.uk/nonfiction/intgw.htm 		 	   		  

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