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> Once again, a very happy Feast of Saint Katharine to you all!
> I  realise that it's now a year since I started my Short Sun notes, and
> they are not progressing as fast as they should. I don't have time for
> anything large right now, but here is a small one.
> In OBW, a soothsayer visits Gaon and makes what at the time seems an
> unlikely set of predictions for the Rajan: ‘I would lead three towns not my
> own to victory, would be tried for my life, would return as a stranger to
> my sons’ native place, find new love, and so on and so forth.’ Most of
> these are fulfilled; he does lead three towns  not his own to victory, he
> is tried for his life, and he does return as a stranger to his sons' native
> place, at least if we take ‘him’ to be Horn (and possibly also if we take
> him to be Pas). Clearly the soothsayer was more accurate than one might
> have thought. But in that case, what does ‘new love’ refer to?
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