(urth) Short Sun Notes: New Love

Andrew Mason andrew.mason53 at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 25 13:59:19 PST 2013

Once again, a very happy Feast of Saint Katharine to you all!

I  realise that it's now a year since I started my Short Sun notes, and
they are not progressing as fast as they should. I don't have time for
anything large right now, but here is a small one.

In OBW, a soothsayer visits Gaon and makes what at the time seems an
unlikely set of predictions for the Rajan: ‘I would lead three towns not my
own to victory, would be tried for my life, would return as a stranger to
my sons’ native place, find new love, and so on and so forth.’ Most of
these are fulfilled; he does lead three towns  not his own to victory, he
is tried for his life, and he does return as a stranger to his sons' native
place, at least if we take ‘him’ to be Horn (and possibly also if we take
him to be Pas). Clearly the soothsayer was more accurate than one might
have thought. But in that case, what does ‘new love’ refer to?
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