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"So I think she was mainly a walk-on character who got eaten by a fish."

Interesting. After reading so much Wolfe, I'm now highly suspicious of
anything at all that seems prosaic in his work. Every character simply MUST
fit into some giant big picture that I'm unable to grasp!  Could it be Mr.
Wolfe has made me paranoid?  :-)

"It is no coincidence than when silk looks at the origin of mankind out
there and realizes he is in an artificial structure on seeing the bright
stars, he glimpses mamelta's naked loins on the ladder - his own origin."

I'm going to have to wrap my head around this complex family tree. I still
haven't even figured out what the real relationship between Silk and Horn
is. Like I said, I have a long way to go.

One interesting thing I found on the net is this quote from

Mamelta of Persia M (RM)
Died c. 344. Saint Mamelta, reputed to have been a pagan priestess at
Bethfarme, Persia, converted to Christianity. Thereafter she was stoned,
and then drowned in lake (Benedictines, Encyclopedia).

That paranoia again, but somehow I keep wanting Mamelta to fit deeply into
the picture even though she only had a few pages. Seems to me very
Wolfe-like to dedicate volumes to trivia, interspersed with brief nuggets
of the true story.

Thanks for the welcome everyone! I'm very glad I found this corner of the
whorl ...


On Sat, Nov 9, 2013 at 8:29 AM, Sergei SOLOVIEV <soloviev at irit.fr> wrote:

> Sounds really interesting, thanks, Marc!
> Sergei
> Marc Aramini wrote:
>> Just for the sake of putting them here, here are the textual quotes.
>>  This is from an old post Gerry responded to with his belief Kypris and
>> Mamelta are not a good fit, and that the language of the dreams is not
>> literal but metaphorical.  I argue everything in wolfe is metaphor,
>> especially things like "gods" in the tunnels. There are gods in there,
>> literally and metaphorically.
>> Old post: vision on page 534 of Litany of the Long Sun
>> "the woman who slept in the glass tube, the tube in
>> which he himself now slept beside Chenille, who was
>> Kypris, who was Hyacinth, who was Mamelta, with
>> Hyacinth's jet-black hair,"
>> Chenille and Hyacinth were both possessed by Kypris -
>> and since Mamelta has Hyacinth hair, and Kypris had
>> Hyacinth hair, and they are all related here, I
>> figured it would be neat if Mamelta were Kypris. Then
>> I found this bit of niftiness: p 424
>> "But quite soon now, as the swift floater sailed over
>> a landscape grown liquid, his mother would come to
>> kiss him good-night; he liked to be awake for it, to
>> say distinctly, 'good night to you, too Mama,' when
>> she left. He resolved not to sleep until she came"
>> Here, Silk resolves not to sleep until his mommy comes
>> (here, it is Mama). Well, who does he meet in the next
>> chapter?  Mamelta! And later, what do we get in
>> Epiphany of the Long Sun (Calde,actually) on page 220:
>> "The Outsider was the dancing man on a toy, and the
>> water the polished toy-top on which he danced with
>> Kypris, who was Hyacinth and Mother, too."
>> Kypris is Mother!  and she is probably Mamelta, too. Now I understand why
>> the Mamelta scene is so familiar
>> - it is like the Dorcas scene in Shadow of the
>> Torturer - except instead of Grandma, we get Silk's
>> mom! In the scene where he leaves his body, I am
>> certain that the tall man with blue eyes is Pas, and the mother (not the
>> one who raised him) was Mamelta.
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