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Sounds really interesting, thanks, Marc!


Marc Aramini wrote:
> Just for the sake of putting them here, here are the textual quotes.  This is from an old post Gerry responded to with his belief Kypris and Mamelta are not a good fit, and that the language of the dreams is not literal but metaphorical.  I argue everything in wolfe is metaphor, especially things like "gods" in the tunnels. There are gods in there, literally and metaphorically.
> Old post: vision on page 534 of Litany of the Long Sun
> "the woman who slept in the glass tube, the tube in
> which he himself now slept beside Chenille, who was
> Kypris, who was Hyacinth, who was Mamelta, with
> Hyacinth's jet-black hair,"
> Chenille and Hyacinth were both possessed by Kypris -
> and since Mamelta has Hyacinth hair, and Kypris had
> Hyacinth hair, and they are all related here, I
> figured it would be neat if Mamelta were Kypris. Then
> I found this bit of niftiness: p 424
> "But quite soon now, as the swift floater sailed over
> a landscape grown liquid, his mother would come to
> kiss him good-night; he liked to be awake for it, to
> say distinctly, 'good night to you, too Mama,' when
> she left. He resolved not to sleep until she came"
> Here, Silk resolves not to sleep until his mommy comes
> (here, it is Mama). Well, who does he meet in the next
> chapter?  Mamelta! And later, what do we get in
> Epiphany of the Long Sun (Calde,actually) on page 220:
> "The Outsider was the dancing man on a toy, and the
> water the polished toy-top on which he danced with
> Kypris, who was Hyacinth and Mother, too."
> Kypris is Mother!  and she is probably Mamelta, too. 
> Now I understand why the Mamelta scene is so familiar
> - it is like the Dorcas scene in Shadow of the
> Torturer - except instead of Grandma, we get Silk's
> mom! In the scene where he leaves his body, I am
> certain that the tall man with blue eyes is Pas, and 
> the mother (not the one who raised him) was Mamelta.
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