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Thanks for this, Steve!  I'm an aspiring writer of fiction myself and
influenced by Wolfe and Lafferty - so you're not alone.  I hope I can share
my own book with the list some day (with similar apologies and

Obviously Marc Aramini that frequently posts here is a Wolfe-influenced
writer of fiction, as he has a story in the upcoming Wolfe-inspired volume
of fiction (his name in the same table of contents as the master himself,
the lucky dog).

Any others?


On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 3:07 AM, Stephen Case <scase1 at nd.edu> wrote:

> Please pardon this rather self-serving note to the list and feel free to
> ignore if uninterested. I've recently published a collection of short
> stories, TREES AND OTHER WONDERS, that is now available on the Kindle
> Store:
> http://www.amazon.com/Trees-Other-Wonders-Collected-ebook/dp/B00CPS3C3C/
> From the description: "for fans of the likes of Neil Gaiman, Gene Wolfe,
> R. A. Lafferty, and Jorge Luis Borges," which is why I trouble you with it
> at all.
> Wolfe has long been a primary inspiration for my own writing. We have
> corresponded for a number of years, and he has given me very helpful
> feedback on some of my own stories. This collection includes ten
> previously-published works (first appearing in a number of pro and semi-pro
> zines) as well as two appearing here for the first time. I'm certainly very
> far from being anywhere near Gene's league, but I hope that fans of Wolfe
> might find glimmers of that sense of wonder he does so well in my own work.
> Plus, I'd be very interested to hear what you think-- because fans of
> Wolfe are the sort of readers I'm looking for.
> -Steve
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