(urth) Wolfe-inspired short story collection

Stephen Case scase1 at nd.edu
Mon May 13 19:07:09 PDT 2013

Please pardon this rather self-serving note to the list and feel free to
ignore if uninterested. I've recently published a collection of short
stories, TREES AND OTHER WONDERS, that is now available on the Kindle

>From the description: "for fans of the likes of Neil Gaiman, Gene Wolfe, R.
A. Lafferty, and Jorge Luis Borges," which is why I trouble you with it at

Wolfe has long been a primary inspiration for my own writing. We have
corresponded for a number of years, and he has given me very helpful
feedback on some of my own stories. This collection includes ten
previously-published works (first appearing in a number of pro and semi-pro
zines) as well as two appearing here for the first time. I'm certainly very
far from being anywhere near Gene's league, but I hope that fans of Wolfe
might find glimmers of that sense of wonder he does so well in my own work.

Plus, I'd be very interested to hear what you think-- because fans of Wolfe
are the sort of readers I'm looking for.


Stephen Case
Graduate Student, Program for the History and Philosophy of Science
University of Notre Dame
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