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Gerry Quinn gerry at bindweed.com
Sat Mar 30 07:48:07 PDT 2013

From: Tony Ellis
Marc Aramini wrote:

> > Do you feel the shadow children and the construct the old wise one, 
> > called the
> >group norm, becomes more confused about who was once human because the
> >proportion at the end shifts to one shadow child and Sandwalker?
> No, very much the opposite. The Old Wise One is confused to begin
> with, because then it is mostly composed of the thoughts of shadow
> children, who are egotistical, delusional little stoners. When the
> ratio goes down to 1:1 he's clear-headed and remembers that "we were
> always here."

Because at 1:1 (and surrounded also by many indigenes) "we" for the Group 
Norm means mostly indigenes.  Before, it did not.

The Shadow Children are egotistical, but not to my mind delusional in the 
ordinary sense.  All our knowledge comes from them.

If you don't believe the information we get from them, how do you interpret 
the history of Saint Anne?

- Gerry Quinn 

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