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There is a whole conversation about shapechangers and sandwalker's people near the tale end of A Story, page127 in my copy, where the old wise one remembers the names of Atlantis and Gondwanaland and Sandwalker remembers that his mother had told him a story of how their appearance had been stolen - though perhaps the shadow children are just picking up psychic noise from the heavens, I feel like they are not that confused until the ratio shifts in favor of someone who thinks himself already a man and their knowledge no longer has enough weight to sway his subjective self perceptions from dominating the group norm ( the frame tale is already kind of swayed to his perspective even though it is third person)

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> Marc Aramini wrote:
>> the entire landscape is called the land of shifting stones.
> Actually, it's called the country of *sliding* stones, unless my copy
> of 5HoC has a typo. Which doesn't have quite the same connotations,
> nor map as easily to the 'shifting' of the sleeping place.
>> Do you feel the shadow children and the construct the old wise one, called the
>> group norm, becomes more confused about who was once human because the
>> proportion at the end shifts to one shadow child and Sandwalker?
> No, very much the opposite. The Old Wise One is confused to begin
> with, because then it is mostly composed of the thoughts of shadow
> children, who are egotistical, delusional little stoners. When the
> ratio goes down to 1:1 he's clear-headed and remembers that "we were
> always here."
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