(urth) fifth head owlet- wolf

Marc Aramini marcaramini at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 30 06:32:22 PDT 2013

Sorry, I will slow down now that I have finally wrapped my head around some of the weirder quotes.  I think the pertinent feature is on page 138 of A story where the old wise one talks of a star faring species that was influenced by a people that used their hands only to take.  They were influenced by those individuals and went on, greater than before, before crashing into the water of st Anne - "the singing shape slipped steaming into the sea."

This quote kind of casts doubt on any actual human presence on st Anne- ancient starfaring shadow children imitating primitive man, then crashing on st Anne and being imitated by the shape shifting populace, a copy of a copy until real men show up.  

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