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Now I think there is some "Peritonitis" type imagery going on with the perceptions of the shadow children - they have abandoned their normal ambitions to be the "god" and environment of these little eggs and maggots that might need them now to complete their life cycle.  What do they grow into? How much perception comes from the maggots, how much from the more anthropomorphic shadow children?

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> One more thing - after Sandwalker digs up the honey and the the hive to feed Seven girls waiting, her belly is described as round like a melon, and he says dont lean on him too much or he will split.  Then later his sleeping place is described as a place where bushes could be planted.  Do they need to plant somehow to rest?  
> Some of the imagery associated with them is decidedly not human, if we take that splitting when full comment as anything like a real admonishment rather than a joke. 
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