(urth) symbols, motifs, and extra textual relevance vs. onomastic onanism

António Pedro Marques entonio at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 19:39:32 PDT 2013

This has been discussed before, albeit not in not so elegant a framing as you use here, and I agree with you, but for once I'll take a page from the Bermian book and point out that there's no harm in folks pursuing what analyses best float their boat. The reason I say it is that I feel that, unlike what may happen elsewhere, the potential to hinder more fruitful readings is negligible here, though I can't quite put my finger on why.

No dia 26/03/2013, às 17:32, Marc Aramini <marcaramini at yahoo.com> escreveu:

> I think there is a difference between symbolism, motifs, and themes and a gnomic and hermetically sealed palimpsest, and that Wolfe is a symbolist with a thematic goal instead of an artist creating postmodern nightmares devoid of a bottom rung of meaning where all possible meanings are equally valid.

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