(urth) Shadows of the New Sun Tribute Anthology

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Thanks, David and Antonin.  Two of the most memorable recent anthologies like this were Vance's Songs of the Dying Earth and Bradbury's Shadow Show, both well worth the investment.  The issue with the Vance one was homogeneity - they were all Dying Earth stories, and many of them attempted to emulate his style, as well, some more successfully than others.  The Bradbury one seemed thematic, and worked amazingly well, in my opinion.  
It was interesting to see who attempted a Wolfean style and who elected to write with less narrative elisions. Savile's story, for example, would have blended perfectly and seamlessly into the Bradbury anthology.  
Can't wait to read a review from a nonbiased party.

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Awesome! Congrats on your own story.
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