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Thanks for the contents! Can't wait :-)
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> Awesome! Congrats on your own story.
> On 3/2/2013 9:05 AM, Marc Aramini wrote:
>> I was in the enviable position of seeing an advance copy of the upcoming
>> Wolfe Tribute Anthology, Shadows of the New Sun: Stories in Honor of Gene
>> Wolfe, edited by J.E. Mooney and Bill Fawcett.  It will be coming out
>> August 27th.
>> The table of contents is as follows, with a one or two small comments
>> about probable source material, if applicable:
>> Wolfe: Frostfree - somewhere between a comedic piece and something more
>> depressing
>> Neil Gaiman: A Lunar Labyrinth - Gaiman's story is clearly inspired by A
>> Solar Labyrinth
>> Joe Haldeman: The Island of the Death Doctor - a slightly metafictional
>> story narrated by Chris from Pirate Freedom
>> Timothy Zahn: A Touch of Rosemary - I can't place an exact story as
>> inspiration, but certainly we all know a real life reason why Wolfe adopted
>> his male animal-female vegatable naming schemes in Long/Short Sun
>> Steven Savile: Ashes - This poignant, emotional story seems to channel
>> Bradbury a lot, too, but we all know Wolfe loves Proust's In Search of Lost
>> Time
>> David Drake: Bedding - a companion story to Gene's "Straw"
>> Nancy Kress: ... And Other Stories - a 1st person narrative with some
>> classic books and "The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories"
>> Jack Dann: The Island of Time - also inspired by "The Island of Doctor
>> Death and Other Stories", with Barsoom as the imaginative 2nd person
>> catalyst instead of Dr. Moreau
>> Michael Swanwick: The She-Wolf's Hidden Grin - an inversion of "The Fifth
>> Head of Cerberus" - I wish he had done all 3 parts of the novel, this one
>> alone is worth the price of admission
>> Michael Stackpole: Snowchild - perhaps this story stems from Tracking Song
>> Mike Resnick and Barry Malzberg: Tourist Trap - a wonderful companion
>> piece to "The Marvelous Brass Chessplaying Automaton"
>> Aaron Allston: Epistoleros - the longest story in the collection, perhaps
>> form and theme are more applicable to Wolfe than any single work as
>> inspiration, though its epistolary structure is seen in The Sorcerer's
>> House and Trip, Trap (and I guess The Wizard Knight, huh?).
>> Todd McCaffery: Rhubarb and Beets - this is a Fairie story, much as The
>> Wizard Knight was
>> Judi Rohrig: Tunes from Limbo, But I Digress - a very fine 1st person
>> story set in the world of "Home Fires"
>> William C Dietz: In the Shadow of the Gate - we all know where this fits
>> in the Wolfe oeuvre.  A 3rd person epilogue to Shadow of the Torturer -
>> lots of Hethor, for fans of that character (I know I am)
>> Marc Aramini: Soldier of Mercy - I'm just lucky to be in here with these
>> guys!!!!!!!! Latro
>> Jody Lynn Nye: The Dreams of the Sea -  a 1st person coda to Urth of the
>> New Sun, featuring a female from the Witch's Tower
>> David Brin: The Logs - an SF tale with some engineered animals, in some
>> ways about totalitarian attitudes and perseverance
>> Wolfe: The Sea of Memory - a good way to end the anthology
>> Michael Swanwick did a particularly outstanding job, and my personal
>> favorites were Nancy Kress', Neil Gaiman's, Steven Savile's, and Judi
>> Rohrig's stories. Nye and Dietz did an excellent job tackling the ambience
>> and strangeness of New Sun.
>> Absent were Silk and Able, but Severian is represented. I think Forlesen
>> or Seven American Nights would have made for some excellent stories, too.
>> PS: I am going to continue my short story survey of Wolfe soon - my free
>> time is mostly in the summer to devote the attention and resources it
>> requires to do Wolfe justice
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