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"Does the series conclude with S.o.Sidon?" -- That depends on whether Wolfe
writes another one or not. The series is open-ended.

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> I had been putting off the Latro books for a while so that I would always
> have an unread Wolfe series to look forward to, but my curiosity has
> finally gotten the better of me.  I am nearly done with *Soldier of the
> Mist, *and have been enjoying it.  It has a number of parallels with the *Long
> Sun *books, such as the (apparent) reality of gods, detailed discussions
> of blood sacrifice, a just-outside-of-view threat from non-humans like
> vampires and werewolves, etc.  It actually seems like a prototype version
> of what became *The Book of the New Sun*; a central male hero suffers
> some kind of mental "event" (on the one hand, severe brain trauma, and on
> the other, enlightenment) that opens the door to gods (or to what appear as
> gods).  In both works, these gods are petty, prone to infighting, and in
> many ways offer more questions than answers to the hero.  He has only been
> mentioned twice so far, but I also feel that the Unknown God / Outsider
> similarity can't be a coincidence.  Anyways, I know that you guys have all
> probably been over these topics plenty, I just wanted to air a few
> thoughts.  I do have one question: does the series conclude with *Soldier
> of Sidon*?  I would, of course, like to avoid spoilers, I am mostly
> interested in the possibility of more Latro novels.  Thanks!
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