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I had been putting off the Latro books for a while so that I would always
have an unread Wolfe series to look forward to, but my curiosity has
finally gotten the better of me.  I am nearly done with *Soldier of the
Mist, *and have been enjoying it.  It has a number of parallels with the *Long
Sun *books, such as the (apparent) reality of gods, detailed discussions of
blood sacrifice, a just-outside-of-view threat from non-humans like
vampires and werewolves, etc.  It actually seems like a prototype version
of what became *The Book of the New Sun*; a central male hero suffers some
kind of mental "event" (on the one hand, severe brain trauma, and on the
other, enlightenment) that opens the door to gods (or to what appear as
gods).  In both works, these gods are petty, prone to infighting, and in
many ways offer more questions than answers to the hero.  He has only been
mentioned twice so far, but I also feel that the Unknown God / Outsider
similarity can't be a coincidence.  Anyways, I know that you guys have all
probably been over these topics plenty, I just wanted to air a few
thoughts.  I do have one question: does the series conclude with *Soldier
of Sidon*?  I would, of course, like to avoid spoilers, I am mostly
interested in the possibility of more Latro novels.  Thanks!
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