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> Jerry Friedman wrote:
>> Am I the only person here waiting for _The Splendor, the Misery, of Bodies, of Cities_?
>I'd love to see it as well, but is it actually moving forward?
Not that I know of.  I was just hoping.

 As for the sequence of writing (Delany before Wolfe?), I recall getting
 volumes of Damon Knight's ORBIT anthology with both appearing (maybe 
not the same volume, but definitely in the
> same couple of years). And I recall reading both in the NEBULA collections of the same era.
 you look at the ISFDB, you'll see that aside from those college stories
 that Wolfe forgot, Delany published several years earlier, was 
nominated for awards several years earlier, and won his first award 
several years earlier.  Certainly they've overlapped a lot.

 Delany probably moved into novels sooner (and faster), but production 
there has tailed off as he did more and more teaching.

 first publication at the ISFDB was a novel (_The Jewels of Aptor_ in 1962).  And is 
it maybe vice-versa--did he do more and more teaching because his 
literary production was falling off?

>Religion vs. non-religion, I don't know, passages from NOVA and other works feel pretty damn religious to me. Maybe Delany doesn't believe, but he sure 
can talk the talk.

I believe he can do that.  Maybe I was too sure of myself, but I very, very strongly suspect that he simply dismisses the talk, except maybe in occasional moods.

Jerry Friedman
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