(urth) Silk/Horn in the Matachin Tower

Gerry Quinn gerry at bindweed.com
Wed Feb 6 06:07:21 PST 2013

From: Antonin Scriabin 

> Is there indication in The Book of the New Sun that any of the clients at the 
> time of Severian's childhood might in fact be Silk/Horn?  If Wolfe had the 
> vision and plan for the "Solar Cycle" in this depth back while writing TBONS, 
> that would be most impressive.

Gurloes used to ‘talk to’ (or taunt, who knows) the mad clients in the lowest floor.  But I don’t recall any mention of Severian ever encountering several clients held together, and Silk/Horn was always with a group.
I don’t believe any such thesis is feasible.  Typhon would have had to make a reference – albeit perhaps oblique - to launching the Whorl.  Anything else would be, in Wolfe’s terms, “lame” – just as he said it would have been lame not to have Silk/Horn visit Severian. 

- Gerry Quinn  

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