(urth) Short Story 51: How I Lost the Second World War ...

Jeff Wilson jwilson at clueland.com
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On Sat, August 24, 2013 04:50, Mo Holkar wrote:
> At 21:20 23/08/2013, you wrote:
>>The Bath exposition mentioned in the text – is
>>this similar to the Paris Expositiions of
>>1937/38 and a kind of transplantation from art
>>to technology, or completely unrelated?
> I have wondered 'why Bath?' In real life it's a
> smallish antiquated town, with no industrial
> tradition, and not at all a likely candidate for
> the hosting of such an exposition. Yet, being
> Wolfe, one feels there must be some reason why he chose it.

Perhaps a front of misdirection on the part UK, parallel to their assembly
of scale factory mockups to draw Axis bombing attacks away from actual
factories during the war.

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