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>> Interesting that you mention "Vikings" because in my experience, there is
>> a surprisingly
>> large population of nordic-descended people in Chile and Argentina.
>> Perhaps the insertion
>> of tall exultants in the Commonwealth is meant to allegorize the
>> difference between them and
>> the shorter, swarthier native population of earthian southern S. America.
>> Conversely, it makes
>> me wonder how Gene Wolfe felt among the native population of Korea.
>Remember, he attended an all-white military academy (a figurative if not
>literal citadel) in the middle of Texas, itself a place where Europeans
>were injected into the midst of the existing Mexican population
>(eclectics) who themselves had displaced most of the original indian and
>Aztec, etc inhabitants, who play the part of the autocthons.
>---I'd forgotten about the eclectics. They muddy the issue a bit, but IIRC they are also dark, probably darker than the exultants, who are probably not as blond as the autochthons. I assume the name comes from their having absorbed or blended many genetic "types."
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