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On Mon, April 22, 2013 07:12, Lee Berman wrote:
> Interesting that you mention "Vikings" because in my experience, there is
> a surprisingly
> large population of nordic-descended people in Chile and Argentina.
> Perhaps the insertion
> of tall exultants in the Commonwealth is meant to allegorize the
> difference between them and
> the shorter, swarthier native population of earthian southern S. America.
> Conversely, it makes
> me wonder how Gene Wolfe felt among the native population of Korea.

Remember, he attended an all-white military academy (a figurative if not
literal citadel) in the middle of Texas, itself a place where Europeans
were injected into the midst of the existing Mexican population
(eclectics) who themselves had displaced most of the original indian and
Aztec, etc inhabitants, who play the part of the autocthons.

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