(urth) sexual dimorphism in aborigines

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Thu Apr 11 11:11:45 PDT 2013

I actually wanted to involve Gerry's opinion of the scene in question here, when Seven Girls Waiting and Sandwalker first meet.  There is a mysterious dialog between them, with him saying something like he hasn't experienced something that she has, being alone up on high ground with nobody to bring her food, and she makes a comment like, you are a man, it won't come to you until you are old.  
Are they talking about weakness in general or actual ability to forage and hunt?  Because there are two females in Fifth Head of Cerberus who have leg problems: Aunt Jeanine and Phaedria.  It seems as though the mother of Pink Butterflies has hung around this oasis tree longer than normal.  Is it because her mobility is limited?  Do female aborigines have a congenital weakness of the legs or are they talking about something completely and utterly different there?  It seems as if its more than just being among people with the ability to hunt.  Perhaps there is significant sexual dimorphism between male and female aborigines.
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