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Unless they lose that ability, due to not using it per Dollo's Law, and are stuck as humans. Ordinary evolution could still occur, but they would henceforth evolve as humans would, more or less.

I like your idea, but mine points to successful mimicry while invoking a dozen angels/fairies/mermaids/robots-becoming-mortal tropes. Not to mention that imitation is the path to improvement (see Wolfe, G.).

Besides, if we can become angels and angels can become us, we can become animals and animals can become us.

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>>Marc Aramini: And the narrative thrust of both mimicking aboriginal and possibly,
>>according to the interview, replacing empathic shadow child, would be to convince 
>>others of their humanity in any way possible, including anthropomorphizing their 
>>origin.  That is effective mimicry. 
>Yes, I think this crystalizes Wolfe's intent for 5HoC, with the provision that part
>anthropomorphizing their origin is truly forgetting their non-human origin. Though,
>as Aunt Jeanine's lesson teaches us, the shapeshifter can evolve to perfect mimickry
>with one limitation- their evolution requires they must retain their shapeshifting 
>ability. (they can't remove it and give it to a salt goose, heh).
>That's why I suggested in the other post that eventually, these parasite/detrivores will 
>exhaust the resources of their human hosts and devolve back into what they once 
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