(urth) Thea's Identity

Lee Berman severiansola at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 11 04:25:11 PDT 2013

>Antonio Pedro Marques: Is this not a very old idea in this list (that khaibits have 
>shortened versions of their originals' names), 

Hmmm, "very old". I've been on the list since the early 2000's I think, so what are you
trying to say, Antonio? (j/k)

And in seriousness, the idea came to me a while back in reading Borski's Solar Labyrinth 
in which he devotes a large section to comparing similarities of BotNS names without much 
effort to find meaning or significance to the similarity (as for Severian and Valeria).

The Thecla-Thea and Pelagia-Pega pairings jumped out at me because I'd always been 
puzzled by the "half-sister" relationship with which Wolfe hits us on the head too many
times without explanation and the mysterious conversations and veiled glances we see on
the raft. The idea of hidden clone relationships answers those mysteries for me.

Of course for those who don't see mysteries in those two scenarios there would be little
appeal for the clone naming convention theory. But since I do, I feel compelled to trot 
out the theory every few years when some excuse presents itself. (I'm sure I'll find an
excuse to trot out my Father Inire or Fish Mouth theories within a few years too). 		 	   		  

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