(urth) paleolithic, dendritic, and predendritic cultures

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That's true, but Marc's observation is that Wolfe made it up. Maybe 
there should be such a designation, and maybe it would be especially 
appropriate for the two planets, but either way it's a fabrication. And 
either Marsch was a giant among anthropologists as the guy who coined 
this new term, or he's full of sh*t.

I am not sure we can ever really say which it is, but plainly Wolfe is 
pulling our legs. /Either way. /It reminds me of the W/Vernor Vinge 
error---one of those revealing mistakes.

On 4/3/2013 6:56 PM, Jerry Friedman wrote:
> I took that to mean that their culture is based on trees (and wood and 
> vines?) rather than stone.
> Jerry Friedman
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>     In an interview, Marsch claims that aboriginal culture is not
>     paleolithic (first stone tools appearing) but rather the preceding
>     stage, dendritic, or even predendritic.
>     Well, there is no dendritic stage.  It is a branching of neurons,
>     and in particular, branching like a tree.  It means of a branching
>     form, arborescent.
>     Some anthropologist Marsch is.
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