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From: David Stockhoff 
On 9/18/2012 10:43 PM, Lee Berman wrote:

> > The Naviscaput is associated with Abaia who seems to bud off undines who, like
> > Seawrack, have siren and mermaid connotations. Why would you want to make an
> > effort to ignore such a connection as that? I don't find the reality of the
> > pirate ship important enough to preserve in the face of that evidence.
I don’t find a connection between the Naviscaput and Abaia very convincing.  The Naviscaput lived in shallow water / shoals, doesn’t seem to much resemble Abaia and anyway is a long-dead creature of myth.  The usual theory is that the story is a mash-up of the Minotaur and the Monitor, similar to the other story that combines the story of Romulus with The Jungle Book. 

> I think it's a small problem that Seawrack is clearly labeled a siren. 
> Sirens don't fall in love with one man---they lure and kill in series. 
> Another small issue is that sirens are not technically goddesses. But 
> this is semantics, and it seems Seawrack changed her ways with Horn. I'd 
> guess she was in another body before the pirate woman's body came along.
With regard to the habits and origins of Wolfean  sirens, it may be worth noting that in _The Wizard Knight_, Able’s mother from Mythgartyr was made into a siren by a dragon, to lure seamen for him and his other servants to eat.  She eventually poisoned herself.
- Gerry Quinn
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