(urth) The Secret of the Torturers

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Thanks for this reference. Severian says this is "one of the secrets," meaning perhaps there are others. Obedience seems more like an all-pervasive theme or raison d'etre of the guild than a specific secret. For some reason I want to believe that there's something else, something esoteric related to Katherine the Weal, or the Autarch ...

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> 2nd to last para of SWORD XXXI: "I had not thought, when I began this record of my life, to reveal any of the secrets of our guild that were imparted to me by Master Palaemon and Master Gurloes just before I was elevated, at the feast of Holy Katharine, to the rank of journeyman. But I will tell one now, because what I did that night on Lake Diuturna cannot be understood without understanding it. And the secret is only that we torturers obey. In all the lofty order of the body politic, the pyramid of lives that is immensely taller than any material tower, taller than the Bell Keep, taller than the Wall of Nessus, taller than Mount Typhon, the pyramid that stretches from the Autarch on the Phoenix Throne to the most humble clerk grubbing for the most dishonorable trader—a creature lower than the lowest beggar—we are the only sound stone. No one truly obeys unless he will do the unthinkable in obedience; no one will do the unthinkable save we."
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