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> Someone else wrote:
> >"I want to add that the BNS Cumaean is old and creepy, while the Sibyl is portrayed as young and beautiful, even if she is the oldest and least beautiful of the Four Sibyls."
> Right, but according to Wiki 
> [Cumean Sibyl] "Although she was a mortal, the Sibyl lived about a thousand years. This came about when Apollo offered to grant her a wish in exchange for her virginity; she took a handful of sand and asked to live for as many years as the grains of sand she held. Later, after she refused the god's love, he allowed her body to wither away because she failed to ask for eternal youth. Her body grew smaller with age and eventually was kept in a jar (ampulla). Eventually only her voice was left (Metamorphoses 14; compare the myth of Tithonus).[3]"

Muito interessante não só por causa da Mandrágora mas também por ecoar o comentário acerca do 'Father Inire' - vivo tão para além do normal para a sua espécie, ou coisa parecida. Haverá alguém comparável na mitologia da Sibila, que seja candidato a FI? 
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