(urth) Simulation of a 'star crosser' (hollowed asteroid) like in Long Sun!

Jeff Wilson jwilson at clueland.com
Thu May 17 03:07:27 PDT 2012

On 5/17/2012 3:59 AM, Daniel Petersen wrote:
> /I get that sense, but that Urth has staggered on in obstinate
> mediocrity long after the mega-culture has flamed out. /
> Ah, I hadn't thought of that - that's even more bleak!  I guess the only
> question would be then how are the heirodules, etc. part of this 'flamed
> out' mega-culture?  It would seem the whole thing is staggering on past
> its 'glory days' then.

I suppose the hierodules and other Yesodis sort of represent the memory 
of a fabled golden age that never was. They "know" humanity can do 
better and strive to better it a bit like an obsessive stage mother.

I'm leaning toward skepticality of the literal truth of their origin, 
though I'm not sure what the "real" origin would be. It makes sense for 
man's descendant to share his mythbuilding habits but if the origin as 
man's descendant is mythical, then I'm not sure why they would 
necessarily have the mythologizing impulse.

I'm also puzzled how humanity could have ascended to that exalted state 
of affairs the once and then never again approach it despite spiritual 
growth. Was the ascension and begatting of the pre-Yesodis achieved by 
the power of unalloyed depravity, to be equaled by the power of 
unalloyed virtue? Or was the original achievement one of the grace 
preserved by innocence, now lost but with mankind able to return to a 
state of grace in some future manvantara?

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