(urth) Simulation of a 'star crosser' (hollowed asteroid) like in Long Sun!

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Thu May 17 01:45:08 PDT 2012

On 5/17/2012 3:25 AM, Daniel Petersen wrote:
> His people knew what they were doing.
> Yeah, that's the assumption back of the entire Solar Cycle, which is
> highly effective in giving a powerful sense of decay, and, even more so
> to me, the possibility that Wolfe's narrators are only following the
> exploits and dramas of basically 'left behind' 'backwater' communities
> (however vast and seemingly complex and important to themselves, with an
> Autarch and what have you).  It actually has a strong plausibility to it.
> It seems only too likely that a (inter)galactic space-faring
> multi-terrestrial empire (or mega-galactic interaction of cultures of
> some kind) of the magnitude suggested in the works would have 'pockets'
> of leftover cultural decay in the 'boondocks' of that massive
> crisscrossing of interstellar economy.  And these pockets would have
> their overlords that would seem immensely powerful to the inhabitants,
> but are really lackeys and peons in the larger scheme, petty tyrannical
> landlords in the grip of an ultimately laughable megalomania - .e.g
> Typhon.  (This would fit in very well with and hugely deepen Wolfe's
> whole focus on the 'outcasts' in the Solar Cycle.)
> Has anybody else felt like Urth and co. are just a forgotten 'tribal
> village' tucked away in a vastly advanced cosmic mega-culture?

I get that sense, but that Urth has staggered on in obstinate mediocrity 
long after the mega-culture has flamed out. Typhon sets up shop between 
the trunkless legs of Ozymandias.

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