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From: Daniel Petersen 

> From: "Dan'l Danehy-Oakes" <ddanehy at siebel.com>
[old post]

> In the case of the BOOK OF THE LONG SUN, we feel like we have
> the product of Stage 3, but the Narrator's comments in SHORT
> SUN lead us to wonder whether we might actually have a corrupt
> copy, and how corrupt? 

Which comments?  

And where is the following from?

> "What can we believe about this text or its contents? By itself, 
> it is completely incapable of witnessing to its own veracity,
> and we are not even capable of coming to certainty on what the
> text actually does say in some places; yet many have believed 
> and do believe that it is a true account of the most important
> thing that ever happened in this world. To believe that it is 
> completely made up by its author or authors seems impossible; 
> to believe that it is accurate, on a word-by-word, factual 
> basis, seems even more impossible (though there are some
> extremists who in fact believe each of those things)."

- Gerry Quinn
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