(urth) Short Stories 33-35: Mathoms from the Time Closet

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Surely if it were really the Gazelle, then the soda bottle's label wouldn't be crumbling -- it would be brand new. (Unless it had been floating around up there through the intervening centuries, but in that case the woman would be crumbling too.)

And NB the narrator specifies that the woman is the passenger, which I guess presupposes that someone else, unmentioned, is the pilot.


yes, the crumbling label does seem particularly "aged". While I was writing it up I kept thinking, the golden apple of the sun (even though the book compared the balloon more to an orange) with the closing line, and then Tony mentioned the Yeats poem, which I just looked up, and lo, the last lines are as follows:

Though I am old with wandering 
Through hollow lands and hilly lands, 
I will find out where she has gone, 
And kiss her lips and take her hands; 
And walk among long dappled grass, 
And pluck till time and times are done 
The silver apples of the moon, 
The golden apples of the sun. 
Very similar ending imagery.
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