(urth) Short Stories 33-35: Mathoms from the Time Closet

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Tue Jun 12 08:40:27 PDT 2012

At 16:12 12/06/2012, Marc wrote:

>re Tony's comments on the man being a German pilot - do you think 
>that the balloon is really The Gazelle (with a woman at her helm?) 
>or an aficionado who recreated the silk balloon dress (ie - is there 
>anything funny going on with time?) Is it a story of a pilot who 
>yearns for his past glory or obsession ripping a fabric in time?

Surely if it were really the Gazelle, then the soda bottle's label 
wouldn't be crumbling -- it would be brand new. (Unless it had been 
floating around up there through the intervening centuries, but in 
that case the woman would be crumbling too.)

And NB the narrator specifies that the woman is the passenger, which 
I guess presupposes that someone else, unmentioned, is the pilot.



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