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He was far far more overtly political in his short stories of the early 70s and in Operation Ares, and most of that stuff was not reprinted.  If anything as we get farther away from the bogeyman of socialism actually being the dominant zeitgeist of our time his fiction leaves political obsessions behind for narrative and spiritual preoccupations.  Just my two cents.

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> I'm wondering why you care so much.

I have a long-standing interest in predictions and what they reveal,
which would alone would justify my interest, but besides that...

I care because I wish one of my favorite authors to be an
intellectually respectable author, perhaps along the lines of
Chesterton or Buckley or Charles Murray who I also enjoy reading, and
it's disappointing to me to see that it's not a few allusions or plot
twists that I perhaps was simply misinterpreting or being overly
sensitive to.

And also because people here seem to have a hard time accepting it, so
additional data is welcome; witness the previous attempts to explain
it all away, or in this thread the suggestion that maybe he was joking
or trolling!

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