(urth) The Claw

Lee Berman severiansola at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 2 10:41:27 PST 2012

>Gerry Quinn: That said, he drained the batteries of the Ship at one point, so 

>clearly he could draw power from there.... .


Yep, I think this supports Jane's contention that Severian's power resides mostly

within himself. 


>But the power he has is connected with an ability to reverse the flow of time.  This 

>is plausible for a white hole.


So perhaps he can draw from various celestial bodies (Tzadkiel's ship being a small

version of one) and perhaps his powers vary based on what body he is drawing from?



>The Cumaean, for example, draws on the power of an ancient creature on the planet of a 

>distant star to accomplish her own temporal delvings.


I have my doubt about this (though the being on Fomalhaut might really provide a temporal

touchstone). I think the Stone Town meeting was a set-up and that the Cumaean is really 

drawing from Severian's nascent power, as planned. Her plan is to contact Apu Punchau, of

all people in history....and Severian is right there. Coincidence? hm....


She doesn't seem to be quite in control  of the situation and I don't think she's had many 

opportunities to do it before. Hildegrin says Apu Punchau is someone who can "make a 

difference". It's to be the crowning achievement of Hildegrein's career of resurrecting the

dead. Merryn offers a vague explanation of him which kind of suggests he is The Conciliator.

Are we to think it is all a coincidence that Severian happens to stumble into a seance which

is meant to contact Apu Punchau and The Conciliator? 		 	   		  

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